The return of the Polish question.

Ewa Thompson In the first quarter of 2016 even persons uninterested in Poland have likely noted a series of unfavorable articles about that country in English and German media. With breathtaking frankness, the cause of media attention was suggested by George… Read More ›

Prezydent Lech Walesa i Wojciech Jaruzelski. Belweder.12.3.91  w srodku Mieczys³aw Wachowski.
              foto Erazm Cio³ek

June 4th, 1989

From article published on  in 2013:   In 1989 we were cheated, and for almost a quarter century after that, we were deceived. But we need not despair; we should look at the bright side. What all of this… Read More ›

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