Month: September 2018

PI Newsletter #47

1.  Trump Buries the Old-World Order The present continuance of institutions such as the EU, NATO, UN, and others suggests that the world goes on exactly as before. In fact, these alphabet organizations are becoming shadows of their former selves, more… Read More ›

PI Newsletter #46

The Idiocy of the Average – and Why It Matters You might have a good general appreciation of the different average IQs of the world’s major regions (Global North: ~100; Latin America and Middle East: ~85; Sub-Saharan Africa: ~70). And… Read More ›

PI Newsletter #45

1. Alex Jones is right: China is the threat, and it may be too late Where Alex Jones has been very spot on is the threat that communist China  poses to our future and our way of life, and how this threat… Read More ›