Month: March 2019

PI Newsletter #68

‘The EU is an empire’ Wolfgang Streeck on why the EU is a deplorable institution that we must leave. EU propaganda enlists people’s desire for peace and friendship to rob them of their most important institutional heritage: the nation state…. Read More ›

PI Newsletter #67

Liberalism Then And Now One remarkable thing about these reversals is that liberals who supported the former have switched to the latter without apology or concern. College professors who once insisted that sexism in hiring stop and men and women… Read More ›

PI Newsletter #66

Europe’s Future Is as China’s Enemy Looking ahead, the United States is going to focus primarily on China. Washington will want Europe to take charge of its own defense so that the United States can devote more resources to Asia,… Read More ›

PI Newsletter #65

The “Disintegration” Of Global Capitalism Could Unleash World War 3, Warns Top EU Economist Drawing on game theory, Hanappi argues that the calculus that none of these countries would be capable of ‘winning’ a world war may be changing in… Read More ›