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  • PI Newsletter #8

    1.  MALLOCH: Poland, Europe, and the Freedom of Western Civilization The author,Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, is a scholar, diplomat, strategist who is tipped to become the US ambassador to the EU. The author very accurately depicts a clash between two opposing,… Read More ›

  • PI Newsletter #5

    1.  Why the West Loses. “Muslim zealots are winning today because they have better politicians, better generals, effective tactics, superior strategy, and crystal clear objectives.” “Al-Qaeda’s No. 1 leader, Ayman al-Zawahri<>, added, that the brotherhood of Islam … is stronger… Read More ›

  • PI Newsletter #4

    1.  Burning Down the House, by Stephen Coughlin A Strategic Overview of the Threat, the CVE, and Strategic Incomprehension in the War on Terror 2.  A great book, Catastrophic Failure, by Stephen Coughlin After the events of September 11,… Read More ›