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  • A Revolution to Always Remember but Never Celebrate

    As the Great October Socialist Revolution reaches its centennial anniversary, it’s important to remember the devastation it wrought. from:   By Lawrence Reed   The propaganda of the old Soviet Union referred to it for decades as the “Great… Read More ›

  • Quo Vadis, Germania?

    Anniversary of WWII – September 1, 2017     Analysts of European politics say Germany is too small for the world. German leaders say they are too big for Europe. Hitler tried to teach the world that Germany is the… Read More ›

  • PI Newsletter #17

    1.  Revealed: Russia’s New Experimental ICBM Warheads Russia pilots independent post-boost vehicles for more precise and flexible multiple warhead delivery. 2.   The Czech Donald Trump “I have stopped believing in multiculturalism.” Andrej Babis, one of the Czech Republic’s wealthiest… Read More ›

  • PI Newsletter #10

    1.  Trump Says West Must ‘Fight Like the Poles.’ Meet the Polish Soldier Who Fought for Our Freedom. “Together, let us all fight like the Poles—for family, for freedom, for country, and for God.” Those were the words of President… Read More ›

  • PI Newsletter #9

    1. A Heretic at Duke Divinity School The dean brings charges of ‘unprofessional conduct’ for a vigorous defense of free inquiry. By Peter Berkowitz May 21, 2017 5:47 p.m. ET 530 COMMENTS <> The campaign against free speech on… Read More ›

  • PI Newsletter #8

    1.  MALLOCH: Poland, Europe, and the Freedom of Western Civilization The author,Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, is a scholar, diplomat, strategist who is tipped to become the US ambassador to the EU. The author very accurately depicts a clash between two opposing,… Read More ›

  • PI Newsletter #5

    1.  Why the West Loses. “Muslim zealots are winning today because they have better politicians, better generals, effective tactics, superior strategy, and crystal clear objectives.” “Al-Qaeda’s No. 1 leader, Ayman al-Zawahri<>, added, that the brotherhood of Islam … is stronger… Read More ›

  • PI Newsletter #4

    1.  Burning Down the House, by Stephen Coughlin A Strategic Overview of the Threat, the CVE, and Strategic Incomprehension in the War on Terror 2.  A great book, Catastrophic Failure, by Stephen Coughlin After the events of September 11,… Read More ›