History of Poland

Wykaz żołnierzy AK

Imienny wykaz żołnierzy A.K. miasta Rakowa i okolic, w Zgrupowaniu Stołpecko-Nalibockim, walczącym na Ziemi Wileńskiej, Nowogródzkiej, Mazowieckiej, w Lasach Kampinosu, w Powstaniu Warszawskim oraz na Ziemi Kieleckiej. Wykaz ten opracował Franciszek Kosowicz pseudonim “Maciejka” i “Malecki”. AK_Stolpecko_Nalibocki_Wykaz

Poland: Her People and Deeds (2)

Marek Jan Chodakiewicz The Jagiellonian Realm The marriage of Poland’s King Hedwig d’Anjou with Lithuania’s Grand Duke Yogaila (Jagiełło) in 1386 was one of convenience. It was a political and military alliance par excellance against a common foe: the Teutonic… Read More ›

Settling Claims Agreement

On July 16, 1960, an important indemnity agreement was signed between the US and Polish People’s Republic. This agreement regulated settling claims by US citizens and institutions against Poland, regarding property left by those parties in Poland during and after WWII.  Below is the original agreement in full. … Read More ›

Poland: Her People and Deeds

Marek Jan Chodakiewicz Introduction Poland is the abode of the Poles. It is their homeland (kraj). The term homeland, however, can have a variety of meanings. First, it can be a political concept of the Polish state (państwo). It is… Read More ›

New Polish State Award

  In January 2017, on the initiative of Senator Prof. Jan Zaryn, the Polish Senate passed a law establishing a new state award, to be awarded by the President, called the Order of the Cross of the West. Currently, the… Read More ›