History of Poland

Forsaken Ally

The Eagle Unbowed Book Review By Lucja Swiatkowski Cannon From: https://www.commonwealmagazine.org/forsaken-ally   Poland’s experience of World War II was unique. Invaded by both Germany and the Soviet Union in 1939, it was the only country occupied by foreign armies from the… Read More ›

Poland: Her People and Deeds. Part 4

Marek Jan Chodakiewicz www.iwp.edu Interwar (1918-1921) The Commonwealth was finally resurrected in 1918. It reemerged because of the confluence of several auspicious currents. These included principally the simultaneous collapse of the three partitioning powers; crucial Western support, in particular American… Read More ›

Poland: Her People and Deeds. Part 3

Marek Jan Chodakiewicz www.iwp.edu The Partitions (1795-1918) The partitions lasted 123 years. The Commonwealth was no longer a state, even though a number of administrative entities were imposed on Poland. The partitioners dictated virtually all conditions. The Poles reacted to… Read More ›

Wykaz żołnierzy AK

Imienny wykaz żołnierzy A.K. miasta Rakowa i okolic, w Zgrupowaniu Stołpecko-Nalibockim, walczącym na Ziemi Wileńskiej, Nowogródzkiej, Mazowieckiej, w Lasach Kampinosu, w Powstaniu Warszawskim oraz na Ziemi Kieleckiej. Wykaz ten opracował Franciszek Kosowicz pseudonim “Maciejka” i “Malecki”. AK_Stolpecko_Nalibocki_Wykaz

Poland: Her People and Deeds. Part 2

Marek Jan Chodakiewicz www.iwp.edu The Jagiellonian Realm The marriage of Poland’s King Hedwig d’Anjou with Lithuania’s Grand Duke Yogaila (Jagiełło) in 1386 was one of convenience. It was a political and military alliance par excellance against a common foe: the… Read More ›