Communist Poland

Settling Claims Agreement

On July 16, 1960, an important indemnity agreement was signed between the US and Polish People’s Republic. This agreement regulated settling claims by US citizens and institutions against Poland, regarding property left by those parties in Poland during and after WWII.  Below is the original agreement in full. … Read More ›

New Polish State Award

  In January 2017, on the initiative of Senator Prof. Jan Zaryn, the Polish Senate passed a law establishing a new state award, to be awarded by the President, called the Order of the Cross of the West. Currently, the… Read More ›

June 4th, 1989

From article published on  in 2013:   In 1989 we were cheated, and for almost a quarter century after that, we were deceived. But we need not despair; we should look at the bright side. What all of this… Read More ›

“God be with you, Major!”

by Tomasz Łysiak Some funerals in Poland are more than a solemn ceremony and the entire nation participates in the historical event. Our hearts tremble, and intellect gives way to an intuition which declares that we are facing a remarkable… Read More ›