III Republic

De-totalitarization vs. Continuity

Marek Chodakiewicz De-totalitarianization entails destroying or transforming institutions and people. More often than not, however, de-totalitarianization is thwarted by the continuity of the very same institutions and people it seeks to eliminate, replace, or reform. In fact, any attempt at… Read More ›

June 4th, 1989

From article published on hej-kto-polak.pl  in 2013:   In 1989 we were cheated, and for almost a quarter century after that, we were deceived. But we need not despair; we should look at the bright side. What all of this… Read More ›

The Masks Have Fallen

The National Remembrance Institute (IPN) has recently released additional documents. Among them there were many letters addressed to General Kiszczak. It looks like the masks have fallen. A large group of presently well-known and respectable personalities were writing praising letters to… Read More ›