History of Poland


English version Dr. Ewa Kurek       Tak naprawdę to do dziś nie wiemy, co w lipcu 1941 roku wydarzyło się w Jedwabnem. Natomiast sześćdziesiąt lat później z Jedwabnem związane jest na pewno największe w historii Polski kłamstwo historyczne,… Read More ›

June 4th, 1989

From article published on hej-kto-polak.pl  in 2013:   In 1989 we were cheated, and for almost a quarter century after that, we were deceived. But we need not despair; we should look at the bright side. What all of this… Read More ›

“God be with you, Major!”

by Tomasz Łysiak Some funerals in Poland are more than a solemn ceremony and the entire nation participates in the historical event. Our hearts tremble, and intellect gives way to an intuition which declares that we are facing a remarkable… Read More ›