PI Newsletter #25

1. Brussels on steroids: The 2018 UN Declaration for Refugees and Migrants. The UN is seeking to establish a global mechanism to cover “all dimensions of international migration in a holistic and comprehensive manner. The UN has morphed into a… Read More ›

Newletter #26

Inside a Public School Social Justice Factory The city of Edina has changed the way it approaches public education, putting social justice above learning. The results will shock you. Our comment: They also terrify those like the parent from Nicaragua in the article… Read More ›

PI Newsletter #24

1. Poland Refuses to Read from the Eurocrats’ Script Hyperbolic complaints about Warsaw’s ‘anti-pluralist’ government are the height of hypocrisy. 2.  Steve Bannon Savages “Javanka” Laying Bare White House Tensions Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner… Read More ›

PI Newsletter #23

1.  When Stalin Faced Hitler. Who Fooled Whom? Hitler cannot be explained in terms of his social origins or his early life and influences, a point that is no less applicable to Stalin. The greatest shaper of Stalin’s identity was… Read More ›

PI Newsletter #21

1.  The National Question And The War On Poland This reaction [to the Independence March in Poland] shows hatred is indeed on the rise—not among Poles, directed against Jews or minorities, but among journalists determined to ensure not one functional… Read More ›

PI Newsletter #19

1. Yes, Trump is Winning When Donald Trump went to Warsaw and spoke up in defense of Western civilization the Never Trump bubble vibrated with cacophonous vituperation. How dare he? But he did dare, and just this week Trump upped… Read More ›

PI Newsletter #18

1.  The Most Dangerous Option for Germany by George Friedman Last week, a delegation of executives from major German corporations met with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Such delegations are unremarkable.  Sometimes they travel together to meet with foreign leaders.  It… Read More ›

PI Newsletter #17

1.  Revealed: Russia’s New Experimental ICBM Warheads Russia pilots independent post-boost vehicles for more precise and flexible multiple warhead delivery. 2.   The Czech Donald Trump “I have stopped believing in multiculturalism.” Andrej Babis, one of the Czech Republic’s wealthiest… Read More ›

PI Newsletter #12

1. Takedown of the Moral Prometheans by Theodore Dalrymple The error of the communists was to be relatively specific about what utopian would look like. Whatever material abundance meant, it could not possibly mean queuing for five hours for a… Read More ›