Trump, Putin, Xi and the cult of the strongman leader
The rise of such personalised autocracy will lead to international instability

Acting on EU recommendations would breach constitution, says Poland

UN recommendations ‘have no grounds in international law’: Foreign Ministry

For our freedom and yours
Poland’s illiberal turn poses a wicked dilemma for the European Union

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Trump is a threat to the West as we know it, even if he loses
by Anne Applebaum

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Russia Today Far More Dangerous than USSR Was and West Far Less Ready to Counter It, Analysts Say

NATO secretary general: ‘We are not in a Cold War’
As tensions rise between Russia and the West, NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told “Conflict Zone” why he believes there is no new Cold War. But does his view match the reality of the situation?

NATO on higher alert amid fears of Russian aggression

Land Warfare in Europe – Lessons and recommendations from the war in Ukraine

The next American president must look to Europe first
A once united continent is threatened by Russian aggression

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US will remain Polish ally, whoever is elected president: PM

Polish professionals consider their future after Brexit vote
White-collar workers in London suddenly feel unwelcome in their adopted home

After Brexit, further integration is needed to save the EU

China’s ‘New Silk Road’ brings great promise to eastern Europe

Businesses fear losing Polish migrants after Brexit

Far-Right Polish Groups Protest Facebook Profile Blockages