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  • PI Newsletter #42

    1.  Intermarium for the 21st Century [………..] What does the legacy of intermarium, an idea never put into practice, mean for us today? Well, organizations like the Visegrad Group, which includes Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, have successfully held off… Read More ›

  • PI Newsletter #41

    1. Salute to Two Intellectuals Giants:  Bernard Lewis and Richard Pipes It is appropriate for all free men and women to honor two scholars who helped preserve Western Civilization from totalitarian aggression. Both became American by choice. Sadly, both, one… Read More ›

  • PI Newsletter #40

    1. Europe’s most fortified border is in Africa On a wedge of land at the northern tip of the African continent lies a little piece of Europe – and it is one of the most heavily fortified borders in the… Read More ›

  • PI Newsletter #39

    1.  The Great German Meltdown Every 20 to 50 years in Germany, things start unraveling. Germans feel aggrieved. Ideas and movements gyrate wildly between far left and far right extremes. And the Germans finally find consensus in a sense of victimhood… Read More ›

  • Poland and the US: Best friends in democracy

    By Pawel Dobrowolski and Matthew Tyrmand Best friends aren’t in the news much because they are reliable.  Arguably, America’s best friend in Europe is Poland because Poland sees the world as Americans do.  The countries west of Poland are self-indulgent and plot against… Read More ›

  • Committee For The Re-Investigation Of The Smolensk Air Crash

    TECHNICAL REPORT   This report contains facts regarding the crash of the TU-154M No. 101 (Fight PLF101) that took place near SMOLENSK NORTH airport, Russia, on April 10th , 2010.   This crash is being investigated by the Committee for… Read More ›

  • PI Newsletter #38

    1. Europe is committing suicide – Douglas Murray Europe is committing suicide. How did this happen? In this video, Douglas Murray, author of The Strange Death of Europe, explains the two major causes of Europe’s impending downfall. 2. Viktor Orban… Read More ›

  • Facts of the Smolensk Case versus “Armchair Experts”

    By MSc. Glenn A. Jorgensen, ISASI Member, Member of the Team Re-Investigating the Smolensk Crash.   Facts Versus Airmchair Experts  

  • PI Newsletter #37

    1. Retired US Colonel: Israel is Dragging the United States into World War Israel is in the process of plunging America into a war with Iran that could destroy what’s left of the Middle East and ignite a third world war, Col…. Read More ›

  • PI Newsleeter #35

    1.  Jonah Goldberg on The Suicide of the West EconTalk Episode with Jonah Goldberg Hosted by Russ Roberts 2.  Off the Shelf: The Bastard Son of Versailles Book review. It’s hard to overstate the way that Polish feelings about… Read More ›