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Poland: Incoming coup announcement?

Former security apparatus threatens to use force. “I’ve completed talking with our colleagues who have not parted with their service weapons and it soon can become ugly.”

We hope this is only the voice on the fringe of KOD and former officers of the communist state activities, but we note it as a warning. Mirosław Mrozewski – one of the people involved in the KOD movement – once again exposed himself on his Facebook profile in a vulgar manner:

4 hours ago
This is too much, enough of humiliations. The pisiory (pejorative expression for PiS party members) interference in pensions acquired during PRL (the communist Poland) era puts me and my colleagues’ back at the wall. “I completed talking with our colleagues who have not parted with their service weapons and it soon can become ugly”. I wish I was wrong, but one of us will finally burst.
– Wrote Mrozewski.

In another entry he asked his friends if they would “have his back” when he initiates a “campaign against Kaczor (pejorative expression for Jaroslaw Kaczynski)”:

Miroslaw Mrozewski
5 hours ago
Who is going to have my back, when I initiate certain action against Kaczor? The question is directed mainly to my retired colleagues, but also those with acquaintances in the Interior Ministry. Nice and warm greetings.

Indeed, this was not the first time that this surrogate of the old communist regime suggested a feat against the health and lives of politicians of the currently ruling party:

Miroslaw Mrozewski
September 25
If I had in my P-64 service weapon two last bullets, and was sitting in the same room with Stalin and Macierewicz, I would discharge both straight in the back of the Macierewicz head. Nice and warm greetings.

The recent Facebook hyperactivity of Mr. Mrozewski grimly interacts with the recent actions of Colonel Mazguła and his amazing presence around the opposition plans. Before Colonel Mazguła appeared at the demonstration of the former secret police, he gave an interview to Lis (KOD hack) portal, in which he announced that the uniformed services may refuse to obey the authorities.



KOD Note:


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