Month: January 2018

Strategic Communications

Marek Chodakiewicz Strategic communications means purveying a specific narrative tailored to achieve a strategic goal. Essentially, Poland does not have strategic communications capabilities either at home or abroad. The government lacks a clear idea how to sell itself even to… Read More ›

Henryk Sienkiewicz on Polish nationalism

In 1912, Henryk Sienkiewicz, Polish novelist and journalist, Nobel Prize laureate, wrote about Polish nationalism: Only contemptible and wicked individuals, or total fools could equate Polish nationalism with openly and aggressively anti-Polish German nationalism or reactionary, far right Russian nationalism. Polish nationalism… Read More ›

PI Newsletter #24

1. Poland Refuses to Read from the Eurocrats’ Script Hyperbolic complaints about Warsaw’s ‘anti-pluralist’ government are the height of hypocrisy. 2.  Steve Bannon Savages “Javanka” Laying Bare White House Tensions Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner… Read More ›

PI Newsletter #23

1.  When Stalin Faced Hitler. Who Fooled Whom? Hitler cannot be explained in terms of his social origins or his early life and influences, a point that is no less applicable to Stalin. The greatest shaper of Stalin’s identity was… Read More ›

EU vs. Poland…?

“Hamlet” by William Shakespeare Marcellus     Let’s follow; ’tis not fit thus to obey him. Horatio        Have after. To what issue will this come? Marcellus     Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Horatio        Heaven will direct it.   Something is rotten… Read More ›