Month: September 2019

PI Newsletter #80

As Nordstrom 2 nears completion, unease in Germany rises to surface Nord Stream 2 is becoming increasingly problematic for Germany in its relationship with its eastern neighbors, both inside and outside the European Union. The Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which… Read More ›

De-totalitarization vs. Continuity

Marek Chodakiewicz De-totalitarianization entails destroying or transforming institutions and people. More often than not, however, de-totalitarianization is thwarted by the continuity of the very same institutions and people it seeks to eliminate, replace, or reform. In fact, any attempt at… Read More ›

Braniewo At the Frontier

Jacek Bartosiak from: Strategy and Future 8th August 2019 – in the early hours of the morning, I stood in Braniewo at ul. Zielona 25, looking at ex-German residential building typical of the region – Warmia – with a beautiful old orchard… Read More ›

PI Newsletter #79

1. Why Hasn’t Brexit Happened? Many statesmen warned from the outset that British ideas of liberty would not survive a merger with the E.U. […] In 1962, as Tory Prime Minister Harold Macmillan was eying EEC membership, Labor leader Hugh… Read More ›