The Neumann Tapes

Democracy according to Polish Opposition M. B. Szonert November 8, 2019 In the dark days of Martial Law imposed on the Polish people in 1981 by the communist regime of General Jaruzelski, activists of the Solidarity Movement were persecuted for… Read More ›

Response to Letter of 88 Senators

August 21, 2019 Honorable United States Senators:  Tammy Baldwin, John Barrasso, Michael F. Bennet, Marsha Blackburn, Richard Blumenthal, Cory A. Booker, John Boozman, Mike Braun, Sherrod Brown, Richard Burr, Maria Cantwell, Shelley Moore Capito, Benjamin L. Cardin, Thomas R. Carper,… Read More ›

PI Newsletter #75

1.  A Counter Vision for Poland If Poland were to leave the EU for something like the Visegrad Group (a bloc of nations with its neighbors) it would have enough critical mass as a collective to be its own Central European civilization…. Read More ›