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Head of Ukrainian intelligence: Russia is preparing an attack from several directions in early 2022

Is the war in the East coming?

Head of Ukrainian intelligence: Russia is preparing an attack from several directions in early 2022

Russia is preparing an attack on Ukraine from several directions at the beginning of 2022, says Kyrylo Budanov, Chief of the Defense Intelligence the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, as quoted on Sunday by the Military Times portal.

“Russia has amassed over 92,000 soldiers at the Ukrainian borders and is preparing an attack in late January or early February next year,” Budanov told the portal. According to him, such an attack would most likely include air raids, artillery and armored attacks, airborne attacks in the east, sea landings in Odesa and Mariupol, and a more minor incursion through Belarus.

As he assessed, the attack prepared by Russia would be “much more devastating than anything that has been observed so far in the conflict that has been going on since 2014, in which around 14,000 Ukrainian people died.”

Strengthening the ability to attack

On Friday, Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov told the Washington Post that it is not yet known whether Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to attack. However, as Budanov emphasized, Russia is strengthening its possibilities for a possible attack.

The intelligence chief added that the attack would be preceded by psychological operations intended to destabilize Ukraine and reduce its defense capabilities. He added that such activities have already been observed and include, for example, the organization of anti-vaccine protests.  Part of these operations, according to him, is also the situation on the Belarus-Polish border.

He noted that Ukrainian and U.S. intelligence data on the time of the launch of a possible attack are consistent.


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