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Slaying the Beast: A True Story about How the Cold War was Won

For the approaching 40th anniversary of the imposition of martial law in Poland by the Jaruzelski regime, Polonia Institute recommends a book Slaying the Beast: A True Story about How the Cold War was Won by Zbigniew Wojcik.  The book documents Wojcik’s life in Poland under communism and his insights into how communism was eventually overthrown in Poland.  We recommend the book as a lesson in understanding the enemy – our domestic enemies – seeking to impose communist, totalitarian, rule over this nation. Zbigniew Wojcik lives in San Antonio and is a Polonia activist seeking to inform the American public about the dangers we face from the neo-communist forces at work within the United States.

See the latest review of this pioneering work below:

Read more about this book here: https://slayingsoviet.com/

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