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March 8, 2021
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Polonia  Institute protests anti-Polish statements by Joe Biden

We protest against the brutal and unethical attack of the US Presidential Candidate Joe Biden against Poland. In his statement at a town hall event televised by US network ABC on October 15, Joe Biden offended the Polish people and the democratically elected Polish government by saying: “You see what is happening from Belarus through Poland and Hungary and the rise of totalitarian regimes in the world. Our current president supports all thugs in the world.”

By calling the Polish government thugs, he offended the majority of the Polish people who voted for this government in free and democratic elections and many Polish Americans.

Joe Biden has a long history of anti-Polonism. In the NYT interview from January 17, 2020, he used bigoted ethnic slurs against the Polish people. During the Obama administration, he co-authored the reset policy with Russia that led to the termination of the Missile Defense Shield Agreement with Poland. He represents a real danger for the very existence of Poland.

The Polish-Americans expect the apology from Joe Biden and the National Democratic Committee.

Therefore, we call on the American Polonia and all people of good will to stand up against Joe Biden’s offensive and bigoted statements and politics of disdain and hate towards Poland.

The Polonia Institute

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